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This year's Gowanus Open Studios event will take place the weekend of October 19-20, so mark your calendar now! This will be my third year participating, and I'm looking forward to showing lots of new paintings from my current series, alongside new work by my studio mate Tim (not to mention all the other incredibly talented artists working out of TI Art Studios).

Me and Tim at last year's open studio event, in front of our wall of art

Open studios are a great way to connect with your local arts community, which is so important in a city like New York. With so many galleries and arts organizations all across the five boroughs, it can be overwhelming for aspiring collectors to find the best point of entry into the arts scene.

But, your neighborhood open studio events are a wonderful place for collectors of all experience levels to discover new emerging artists in a low-pressure environment. Artists are generally happy to offer insights into their process and answer any questions about their work. Plus how fun is it to see so many different work spaces and studio setups? For the art that I've bought over the years, whenever I have a chance to personally connect with an artist, I always end up feeling a deeper sense of meaning and connection to their work, which is something I value in my collection.

Hope to see you all in October! Feel free to post a comment or get in touch with me directly if you have questions about how you can get the most out of your open studio experience.

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