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Under the Surface and Cocoon (2006)

"Under the Surface" was a large site-specific installation shown on the east bank of the Willamette River as part of Gallery Homeland's 2006 "Scratching the Surface" event. Six wooden frames were linked together to form a closed hexagon, with hand-knit panels attached five frames, leaving a open panel where viewers could step inside the installation. Two additional knit panels formed the floor and ceiling. When assembled, the installation was approximately 7x5 feet. 


"Cocoon" was a hand-knit sculpture, approximately 1x3 feet, exhibited at a "Scratching the Surface" event at Gallery Homeland's space in SE Portland.

"Scratching the Surface" included a number of performances and art installations by local artists, with the goal of bringing the community together and drawing attention to issues affecting the river and the recently-renovated east bank through art.

Under the Surface
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